Flowers Without Water Is Dead. Faith Without Works Is Dead.

This is will one post I might hear about from my wife. The other day our son, who is three, saw these flowers for his mommy (also known as my better half) while we were out shopping at Trader Joe’s. He went up to them and said, “Daddy these are real pretty. We have to get them for mommy.” Well I said we could get her some later, and we went on to get some groceries. Later on, he takes off running away and heads straight for the flowers. He picks up the flowers and says, “We have to get these for mommy for Valentine’s Day.” Well I had no choice then; I had to get them. While we were in the store he showed them to her, and of course she liked them. We came home, and my wife then proceeded to put them in a vase. The next morning we came into the dining room and saw the flowers. They were dead. She forgot to put water in them.

no water, no flowers

Our faith is the same way without works. James writes:

So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. James 2:17 NLT

If your faith is not doing, then it is useless. In order to keep our faith strong we have to put it to use. Put it to good use by serving others. Find ways this week to bring glory to God by making a difference in someone’s life. Ask your pastor or church leader if there is something you can do. They know people in your community who are hurting and needs to hear that God loves them.

On a side note: More than likely I will most likely end up like the flowers of this post once it hits the blogsphere. However, I forgot to water them too.



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