Times Are a Changing, but God Never Changes

I remember back in the day when cell phones were only used by a few people. My dad had one so large it had to be installed inside of his car. My moms first cell phone was inside a little briefcase looking thing. Since everyone did not have a portable cell phone, pay phones were still essential, I remember using them the call my parents to ask them to pick me up. I always needed to have at least one or two quarters with me to be able to make that phone call. Today, pay phones are a relic of the past. I can think of the location of one pay phone in town. It is at the lobby of the hospital where my kids were born. You can tell it is never used because it has a bunch of furniture blocking it. It is never used because just about everyone has a cell phone. This pictures was taken at W.W. Cousins, a local burger joint here in town. Everytime I see this thing I laugh. Times have changed. It seems so weird to think that you would need a quarter to make a phone call. It used to be you saw a pay phone at every corner, and now you are lucky to see one in a ten mile radius.

As the way we communate people has changed, so has our lives. Before there was email, if you wanted to write a letter to someone you have to use snail mail. Most people who wanted to be reach on the go could only afford a pager (the original text messaging device). I remember when I used to stress out in college about should I eat ramen noodles or the food in the cafeteria. I know one time I stressed out over a test in seminary because I forgot to study for it. Today I worry about my son’s crave for danger and daily stunts. Our needs and issues change through out the years, but one thing that is constant is an unchanging God. All good things come from him.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17 ESV

While times change and the pay phone becomes a thing of the past; our God never changes. When our biggest concerns go from passing a test to paying the bills; our unchanging God is there for us.


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