Healthy Obsessions

My eighteen month old daughter is obsessed with brushing her teeth.  Every night after bath she starts yelling, “teeth, teeth, teeth.”  This is how she indicates to me she wants to brush her teeth.  Once I brush them for her, I let her do it herself for a few minutes.  After a while I will go in there to take her to bed, she starts to have a fit.  She starts yelling  out “teeth, teeth” even more and starts to get upset.  She wants to brush her teeth more.  People told me it would difficult to get my kids to brush there teeth, but so far I have been pretty lucky.

I cannot get upset with my little girl for wanting to brush her teeth.  It is good that she wants to take care of herself.  It is a good thing that she wants to brush her teeth at such a young age.  It is a healthy obsession.  It is not a bad thing to obsessed with things that are good for you.  Reading the Bible is a good example of this.  We grow closer to God, we understand ourselves better, and we see our place in the world.  The Bible is our guide and can encourage us.

Many believers today do not take the time to read the Bible.  It is no wonder marriages are falling apart, the difference between Christians and non-Christians is thin, and why many churches are useless today.  We need to gain a healthy obsession for reading God’s Word, and that will help us be more like Christ.

 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
and a light for my path. Psalms 119:105


For more thoughts on being excited about Scripture reading check out my post on the B.E.E.F. blog titled Why Do We Make Scripture Reading Sound Like Such a Drag?


2 thoughts on “Healthy Obsessions

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