Twenty Posts and Still Counting

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2 ESV

It has been more than two months since I first started the photo faith challenge.  I started this blog to show how God speaks to us through everyday life, if we just take the time to listen.  This blog has looked at everything from duel flushing toilets to children running off.  From the humorous to the serious the same idea applied.  God speaks to us daily, we have to listen.

I started this blog to help myself see God more throughout my day.  Instead of just trying to survive; I started to learn more about Him and myself every day.  The purpose in doing this was to grow closer to God and be more like Christ.  We can learn about God through our everyday lives if we have our hearts and our minds open to His teaching.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. James 4:8 ESV

If we seek to find God, we will see Him.  If we desire to grow closer to God, we have to work on developing our relationship with Him.  If you love someone, you want to learn more about them.  As you go throughout your day, look for God.  Look for ways He teach you more about Him.  Start by reading the Bible.  The best source about God is the Bible.  It is His autobiography.  You learn more about God by reading His book.  Reading the Bible is a healthy obsession.

Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked. I John 2:6 ESV

We start to become more like Him when we learn more about Him.  Every day we need to reflect on what being more Christlike is.  We become more like Christ by examining the example He gave us while He lived on earth.  During the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4 and Luke 4, He had two choices: follow God or disobey God.  Jesus each time chose to obey, and as Christians we are called to chose obedience.  We need to be ready to deal with temptation at all times.  We do this by reading God’s Word more alongside daily prayer.

As Christians we are called to have our hearts and minds open to what God is teaching us.  We do this by growing closer to Him and becoming more like Christ.  I hope these last 20 posts challenges you to see God more in your everyday life.  Instead of giving God a short quiet time in the morning; I use the entire day looking for ways to understand Him more.  Keeping my mind set on things above, keeps my heart from dragging in the ground.



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