It Can’t Fit the Frame: Romans 11:33

One weekend I decided to take the kids to Indianapolis Children’s Museum. It was a great experience. This is one of the largest children’s museums in the world. We walked up and down this place all day, and we barely saw three fourths of it. One of the coolest exhibits was in the center of the building. It is called the Fireworks of Glass. The picture above is the base of it. It can be seen from below the tower, and then the rest of it stretches us over 43 feet tall. I tried from every angle to try and get this thing in one frame. The last time I tried was from the top floor, and I almost dropped my phone. The magnitude of this thing could not be contained in one shot.

Often I think we try to put God in one frame. Theologians often try to put Him in their nice and neat theological system ignoring passages of Scripture that destroy the basis of their argument. I think more often we try putting God in our own terms. We do this by saying what His will should be, what sees as sin, or which types of people should be blessed. David Wells wrote this thought on the matter:

It is a reminder to us that God cannot be had on our terms. He cannot be manipulated. He cannot be bought. He is never subject to our will. If we know him, it is only on his terms. 1

As Christians we have to keep God in the right perspective. He cannot be contained; he cannot be placed in a box. He can only be understood through what He has revealed to us about Himself in the Bible.

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways! Romans 11:33 ESV

We should come to God in awe because we cannot fully grasp who He is. Paul wrote how the wisdom and riches of God as extremely deep; meaning they cannot be contained inside one man’s theological system. If we are in awe of Him, it should cause us to be speechless.

The wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him. 2

Trying to put God inside a box takes the awe of Him away. As followers of Jesus Christ, we should never think lightly of the depth and glory of our God.

Here are a few of my attempts to capture this awesome piece of art in a few frames. In terms of seeing the whole museum we didn’t even come close. The kids and I were starting to get tired and hungry. After we at lunch we headed out. Some of the other cool things we saw was: an old locomotive, a life size model of the Transformer Bumblebee, an old cannon from a shipwreck, and a hat worn by Harrison Ford in the Temple of Doom.

Here is more information about the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis and the display mentioned here.

This post is part of the daily challenge.


1) David F. Wells. The Courage to Be Protestant: Truth-lovers, Marketers, and Emergents in the Postmodern World (Kindle Locations 1663-1664). Kindle Edition.

2) Chan, Francis (2010-01-01). Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God (p. 23). David C Cook. Kindle Edition.

20 thoughts on “It Can’t Fit the Frame: Romans 11:33

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    • It is easy to do. I can’t count the number of times I have tried to stuff God inside a perfectly fitting theology or viewpoint. The end result is He breaks out of the box, and challenges my thinking.

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  9. I love your approach to teach a valuable truth
    the intricacies of God are a delight as your images and yet we get just a mere glimpse of the insurmountable beauty and glory we will one day behold
    Thanks so much

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