Just Take the Time and Do It: Luke 5:15-16, I Thessalonians 5:17

Have you ever noticed when you go to your local grocery store, and there are few carts inside?  You might think the store is has either not purchased enough, or they do not utilize their staff in order to make sure there are plenty of carts up front.  I believe neither one of those is true.  I think most times the real reason is many people simply do not take the time to put their carts either back at the store or inside many of the conveniently located corrals.  Since the carts are not put back properly it takes the staff longer to gather them up and put them back.

This bothers me for three reasons.  The first is all these carts being left everywhere get in the way.  Often times they block perfectly good parking spaces near the store.  Two, a cart that strays away from where it is left can hit your car.  Finally, it is a sign of laziness.  It does not take one extra minute of your time to just go put the cart back.  If you have kids with you or the weather is bad, park near a cart corral so you can put it back with ease.

Doesn’t seeing this in a parking lot drive you crazy!!!!

It all boils down to taking the time and being considerate of other people.  Often times we are tempted not to put the cart back because we will be inconvenienced.  Sadly, I believe we treat our relationship with God the same way.  Time with God does take time away from our day, but it is time well spent.  We have the opportunity to talk directly to the Creator of the Universe, and all we have to do is stop and do it.  The biggest complaint we have is we are too busy.  Here is an example of someone in Scripture who was extremely busy and made time for God.

But now even more the report about [Jesus] went abroad, and great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities.  But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.  Luke 1:15-16 ESV

The more Jesus ministered to people; the crowd would get even larger.   Even though there was a lot of work to be done; Jesus knew He could not do it without the Father’s help.  He took the time to pray.  When we get busier, the first thing to go is our time with the Lord, but in reality it should be the last thing to go.

I heard an example at church about if we treated our spouse the same as we treated God, and the question that was raised was how good would this marriage be?  I am going to change to comparing to a job.  Imagine you are interviewing for position, and you are asked about how much time you expect to work.  You answer with the following:

  • I plan to give you about an hour and a half a week of my time.
  • I will be here at the most two hours on Sunday.  I will stay longer if there is food.
  • I might miss a day or two depending on if I am too busy or decide to sleep in.
  • With this in mind, I want my full salary and benefits no questions asked.

Now with this in mind do you think you would get the job?  I would think no.  The truth is we treat God like this.  We are only willing to give Him a fraction of our time, and we expect all the benefits.   Thankfully, He is gracious and patient with us.  We need to make God a priority in our lives, and we need to take the time to build our relationship with Him.

Pray without ceasing.  I Thessalonians 5:17 ESV


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