Random Pictures I Wanted Show Off

The pictures below are ones that I have taken, and I did not have a deep thought for them. Enjoy.

DSCF1580 DSCF1579These two pictures I took while the family and I was out looking at yard sales. For some reason flowers distract me. I think I might have even wrote a blog post about it some time ago.


Cooking awesome food is an art. Nothing says summer more than grilling.


I took this one while at the zoo in Columbia, SC. I took the kids to the zoo, and we went to the gardens that they have. Instead of taking the tram like a smart guy, I decided to walk a half mile up a steep hill pushing a stroller with both my kids inside of it.


The creators of potato chips have no limits. I mean who would eat hot dog flavored chips. Also, do they taste like cheap hot dogs or good all beef hot dogs?


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