Pics I Enjoyed Taking

This is another edition of pictures I just cannot come up with a long and drawn out caption. However, I did think you would enjoy looking at them.

2012-07-15_18-29-27_189This is a church sign I see on the way to grandmother’s house. I always get a kick out of what they put on there. I think my favorite one to date is, “God must be a Panthers fan because they beat the Saints.” I don’t know if God is really a NFL football or not, but I liked it. Maybe it’s because I like the Panthers.

2012-09-02_11-21-08_37Sometimes you can’t get the perfect picture of the kids while they are having fun at the zoo. At least it looks like they are having a great time!


I might come up with a cool statement for this picture one day, but I think its kind of cool by itself.

2012-09-02_10-37-28_662My son found these huge leaves, and decided to make himself look like an elephant.


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