Random Pictures I Found on the Old Harddrive

Some of these pics either moved me to tears from laughing or just at the beauty they have. I hope you enjoy.


It is amazing the stuff you will see on a drive through the Queen City (that is what they call Charlotte, NC around here). One time I saw some random people across the street from the Taco Bell dressed like pirates riding on bicycles. Sadly, I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough to get a good picture of them. In the picture above you can see a plastic foot hanging out of the broken back window of this car. I thought I had left weird stuff like this behind when I moved from Louisville, KY, but I guess you see weird stuff everywhere.


I put an arrow on the picture above to see the foot.


Every time I see one of these ponds I think of Michael Scott from The Office. Who fails into a pond honestly? Oh wait, I did in college. That’s another story for another day.


What visit to the Festival in the Park is not complete without a random protestor? I only with the picture would have turned out better, but I was trying to keep my children from jumping into a pond.


This picture is the view from my classroom at sunrise. For some reason many people think teachers don’t work a lot because have summers off ( keep in mind, I am not paid during the summer). Typically, I would arrive at work at around 7 in the morning, and not leave till about 5 in the afternoon. That doesn’t include the time I would spend at home working on lesson plans and grading papers. I definitely earned my summer vacation.


This is part of the daily challenge.


3 thoughts on “Random Pictures I Found on the Old Harddrive

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