Water That Never Ends


This picture I took near one of our new favorite burger joints in Charlotte, BT’s Burger Joint.  After we finish eating our huge hamburger’s, we always feel the need to take a walk to burn off some of the calories from our monster burger.

When I look at this picture it feels like the water is never ending.  This caused me to think about the water that causes us not to thirst again.  Jesus stopped on his journey in John chapter 4 to take a rest, and met a woman at the well.  By many standards she was not considered a woman of high position (I could think of several ways in the vernacular to describe her, but I don’t feel like it).  Jesus had more than a hundred reasons not to speak to this woman, but He chose to talk to her any ways.  The conversation with her is the longest recorded conversation any one person had with Jesus recorded in the Bible.  He talked with her about living water, and how this water never runs dry inside of someone.  The end result of this conversations was an entire town believed in Jesus that day because of the witness of woman.  When we are filled with living water, we never run dry, and we are willing to share it with others.

Below are some other pictures I have taken by this fountain.  Some of them I started to play with the shutter speed a little bit to see what I would get.

DSCF1586 IMG_20130607_192901_972 IMG_20130607_192923_525 DSCF1591 DSCF1590 DSCF1589 DSCF1588 DSCF1550


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