A Walk with My Little Girl


A few days ago my wife and I decided to split up to get some errands done. Typically, I have my son with me, but today I had my daughter with me. We drove over to a shopping center called The Met. For those folks who live in Charlotte, it used to be known as Charlottetown Mall. We drove over to Staples, and picked up some school supplies for the upcoming school year in order to have a stocked up classroom. After Staples, we walked over to Target to pick some ice coffee at the Starbucks inside.

Then we headed over to the near by Little Sugar Creek Greenway. When this area was known as Charlottetown Mall, they built the parking deck over the creek. For years, this creek was nothing more than an underground sewer. Now it has been restored, and is a great place to walk inside the city.


She is picking the lavender and smelling it.





You will notice the giant sucker in her hand in every shot with her in it. She ate on it for about 3 hours. She never finished it.


This picture was taken near The Met. The outdoor shopping center has some pretty good looking greenery.


She is checking out her reflection in the glass.


She is now sticking her tongue out at her reflection.


This is a view of the city from where we were at. The sad thing about this picture is the giant power line blocking the view.


The is a fountain we saw at the edge of the greenway. I took the color out of parts of it to highlight the color of the stone.


Same area, different shot, and I kept all the color.


She looks like a ghost in this picture. You can tell I was having a little too much fun with photoshop the other day.


She is checking out the flowers in full color.


I think this pic would make a great desktop. Just my personal opinion.


This is one of the examples of the restored beauty of this creek. Before, this portion of the creek was under a parking deck.


More flowers.


This is one of the largest butterfly balls I have ever seen. I was able to photoshop my reflection out of it as well.


This is the best picture I took of the entire walk in my opinion. She was loving looking at herself.


It might look like a covered walkway, but its not really.


I love the stone that they used in making this structure.


I think it looks pretty cool.


While I was taking the previous picture above, my daughter decided it was time to go for a little run. This little girl is fast.


Part of the cool designs on the walkway.


The fountain marks the point where we decided to turn around. We both starting to get a little tired.


Different angle, same fountain, with the background color removed.


This part of the stone wall near the fountain.


The final stair climb of the journey.


She is definitely the master of taking cute pictures.


To find out more about the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, and other cool park projects in Charlotte, click here.


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