To My Followers


Well that magical time known as summer has ended for me.  I am back to being a full time teacher, and a full time dad again (I didn’t really stop at this one, but it does take a lot of my time).  So what does this mean for the blog?  I am not going to have them time to devote to writing posts and reading others as much as I like.  I will still do my best to keep up with those I am following, but I will not actively look for new blogs to follow.  I will post a little less frequently.  You will more than likely see something something from me about once a week.  I will focus more on writing as opposed to writing and promoting, so I will need you help in promoting the blog.  If you like something you read, please share with others either on WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook.  I try to when I can.  I usually share on Twitter (you can follow me their too).

If you have any advice for keeping this thing going, please feel free to share your wisdom with me.

Thank you for reading.

Joe G.


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