Where Is Your Quiet Place?


During the summer there was some moments where I needed to get out of the house away from everybody. This is the first time in my life where I have been off of work for an extended period for about seven years. Life is a lot different than it was seven years ago. I have two kids, and I am still married to my first wife. Life at my house before the kids was much quieter. Now my home is only quiet between the hours of 9:30 pm and 7:00 am (If I am lucky. My son likes to wake up at 6:30 sometimes). There are times where I need to get out of the house by myself, and just find a place to chill. Since I am a coffee lover, the natural place for me is Starbucks. While I am here, I have my headphones on, a book ready to go on my Kindle, and I usually write a couple of blog posts (during the school year, I typically lesson plan). For me all it takes is a couple hours every few weeks, and I get a recharge to be able to survive the chaos at home.

While this quiet place is awesome for my soul, it is not the ideal place to have my time with God. In order for me to have my time with Him, I have to be a little bit more creative. Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on how I can make my time with Him more valuable and meaningful. In any relationship, especially ones that matter, we have to give them the time they deserve. I remember hearing our pastor at our church back in Kentucky give an illustration of if we gave our spouses and friends the same amount of time we gave God, then those relationships would crumble. Too often, we give Him as little time as possible. Why? The simple answer is we are sinful, but the deeper answer is we often choose things that precedence over God.

Jesus always took time for the Father. He would often have to sneak away from everybody in order to pull it off. So I kind of follow the same idea. The master bathroom for me is the perfect place because it is away from the main part of the house, and I am separated by three doors from everyone. I do not stay hear long, just long enough to get some time in with Him. Sometimes I sneak in their several times a day to get things done. While getting away was good for me, I have found that I have had to make other adjustments to improve my time with Him.

I have been using the youversion app as my Bible for the last few years, and even more so since I got my iPad last year. When I start my time with Him, I usually put it on airplane mode in order to prevent interruptions from email, Facebook, Twitter, or even WordPress for that matter.

Another thing I have started to do recently is have no music playing in the background. I used to have some classical or worship music playing in the background. I can not stand silence. While my intentions are good with the music, the end result has tended to distract me from what God is sharing with me at that moment. So in order to keep my focus on Him, I have no sound playing in the background.

What some things you can to improve your time with Him? Reach out to me if you like some suggestions or ideas.

But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. Psalm 1:2


This isn’t the first time I have written about having a solid time with Him. Check out this reflection from my daughter’s obsession with brushing her teeth, and a year and a half later the obsession continues.


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