At Starbucks

atstarbucksLast September, I wrote this piece to teach my fourth graders about focusing on a small moment.  This moment is about when I was taking some quiet time at Starbucks.  My focus this year is going to be to appreciate and enjoy the small moments in my life, and not letting worry and regret consume me. – Joe

The crowd was thick.  A sea of people greated me at the door.  The noise of orders being taken, blenders preparing frozen drinks, cash registers clicking, conversations going, and the music of Willie Nelson filled the coffee shop.  The line inches slower, and slower, till finally my turn arrived.  All I wanted was a simple coffee.  A small cup, with room for cream, warm enough to take the fall chill away for my afternoon to be complete.  The barista hands me my cup.  The paper sleave is rough agaisnt my hands, and the warmth of the cup fills my hands.  The red chair next to fireplace is open.  My body fills the seat, and the soft, velvet coushins rub against my legs.  I dig through my bag, and pull out my notebook.  The first sip of coffee hits my tongue, warming the inside of my mouth, and relaxing me at the same time.  I put on my students favorite jazz music on, and thoughts about what to write about fill my head.  My desire to write a piece that demonstrates how to avoid words like “I” and “that.”  I wonder if while I read this to them, will they count the number of times they hear the words “I” and “that.”


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