When Honesty Is Not the Best Policy


You might be wondering why I chose this picture. The reason is, if we were honest with ourselves, we would see that this “RV” space could barely fit a compact car.

When ever I am getting ready to work in mornings, sometimes my wife is able to wake up early enough to see me off.  If she is, I will ask if what I am wearing that day looks nice.  Sometimes I hear the, “yeah, it looks fine response.”  Other days, I will hear one word, “really?”  If I hear the latter, if I have time, I will change a part of my outfit in order to look a little more presentable for the day.  Now if the tables were turned, and my wife was asking me about an outfit that might not have her looking her best, I have to select my words very carefully.  My honesty can go from an honest attempt to help to a moment of hurt feelings. As Christians, being honest can be our best friend and our worst enemy.

When going to a restaurant, and a person chooses to leave a tract that looks like a dollar bill instead of real money is because the gospel is what they really need lacks on of the most important things of the Christian faith, love.  (Yes, I met this person once at an Applebee’s).  Many people forget that servers are some of the lowest paid workers in our society, and tips are the primary way they make money.  Imagine you are that person who has served someone for the half hour to an hour, and for all that work all you receive is your salary of $2.15.  However, in their minds they have given you something more valuable, treasure in heaven.  Treasure in heaven is the furthest ting from your mind, when you can barely afford to buy groceries and pay your heat bill in the middle of winter.  Honestly, what this couple should have done is just tip the server.  If they felt a need and a call to share their faith with her, all they would have needed to do is talk to her.  If we look at all the encounters Jesus and the Apostles had with people, they sought to build a relationship and a connection with them.  Often times they looked to meet their needs while bringing the gospel to them.

Honesty has be brought to someone with love.  How many obnoxious people speak their mind of something that might be true, and their response is always, “I tell it like it is.”  Isn’t this person just being honest?  We should tell it like it is to people, right?  We see someone out in public practicing any sin you can think of, and tell that person of they don’t have Jesus they are going to burn.  We can always tell it like it is, and text all our friends reminding them if they do not have Jesus, they are going to be cast into the lake of fire with the devil and his crew.  Better yet, lets Tweet the world Revelations 21:8, showing everyone that if your a liar, a thief, or a gossiper, you are going to fry.  Where is the love here?  In some peoples mind, they are showing them love by warning them of the impending danger know as hell, but is that truly why we want people to come to Christ?  I doubt it.  How many weak faiths have we established by focusing on hell rather than heaven.  When we focus on judgement as opposed to grace, people miss out on the real reason Jesus came.  He said many of times in the gospel, He has come to heal the sick.  What He was referring to is the sickness known as sin.  Yes we need to be honest about the sin in peoples lives, however, we need to be honest with them about the Savior who came to heal them from sin.

When I survey the Bible on the issue of honesty, one theme comes up over and over again, not being known as a liar.  Having a reputation of integrity is an important thing to have.  Check out this link to see for yourself.  Someone who has integrity is not only honest to others, but they are also honest about themselves.  I love it when people say since they have Jesus all their problems have been worked out.  I have Jesus, and I still have problems.  I still struggle with sin, I struggle with being patient, and I make mistakes.  Does that make me any less of a follower of Christ, no.  However, when I am honest with my God about my short comings, He forgives, and when I focus on His Word, I learn how to avoid those things that cause me to sin.

Honesty is more than just telling it like it is.  It is looking for ways love others in an honest way, focusing on what they need in order to build a relationship with them.

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