Not Surprised!


I have to say one of the things that has not surprised me is something that has been full of surprises.  Being a parent has been a crazy experience, but even before my son was born it has been what I expected.  What I expected from having children was it being full of surprises.  I knew it was going to be a lot of work being a dad, and I knew it was going to be more than I expected.  I knew there was going to be late nights and late night trips to the E.R., it’s just I did not know how many.  I knew my life with kids was going to be different that without, but I knew that the adjustment was going to me worth it.

One thing I have to remember is that I am truly blessed to have the gift of two awesome and healthy children.  I am also blessed to have the support of an amazing wife who is the greatest mother my children could ever ask for.

I think the biggest surprise I had was how much I would enjoy seeing their joy.

This post is part of the daily challenge.


5 thoughts on “Not Surprised!

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