Too Much ____________!


One of the things I have had to work with my class on this year is vocabulary.  They have a small working vocabulary, and it has hindered their ability to understand what they are reading.  Another teacher recommended that I use a website called  This is the website for the Florida Center of Reading Research.  What this organization has done is research the best ways to reach and engage students to help increase their vocabulary.  It focuses on understanding the various sounds within words, and gives students strategies to comprehend new words without the aid of a dictionary.  They allow everyone to use all of their stuff for free.  The lessons they have prepared are not only educational, but students are easily engaged with them.

There is only one problem.  Each lesson requires a lot of cutting.  Sometimes I am able to get other students to do it for me, but other times that is not possible.  In order to pull off these lessons, I will have to take the time to cut out all of the necessary materials.    It can take a while depending on the lesson, and that is why another teacher on my fourth grade team refuses to use this resource.  While she agrees with me that this is some of the best materials on the planet; she does not want to take the time to cut it out.  I was surprised to hear this.  I asked her why was it the case that she would not want to take the time, or why not get another student to do it for her.  She just simply said it was too much, but if I wanted to share what I had cut out, then she would love to use it.

How often in the Christian life do we hear someone say it is too much?  I know I can think of a variety of things where people say it is too much.  When it comes to giving an awful addiction that is destroying yourself and your family (for example: alcoholism, drug addition, pornography), and the excuse that is often given is it is too much.  Or when your pastor talked about tithing more to the church, and your first thought is, that is too much money.  I do not have the room in my budget to give more.  Another classic is when it comes to sharing the gospel.  There is two sides to this.  The first is the obvious, not saying anything because it has too much of a risk.  The other is when you simply blitz people with the gospel because it is so much easier to stand on a bench with a megaphone and preach the gospel.  Some will say this is how they build those relationships because people are attracted to the gospel that they hear, but do true relationships ever come out of this.  Personally, I think it is easier to nail a John 3:16 sign to tree, or just simply yell out the gospel as opposed to building relationships with people.  Many will say their is too much at stake if we do not preach to as many as possible.

The other side of this is to look at the life of Jesus.  While on earth, Jesus did not allow the temptations of the devil to hinder Him from His ministry.  Jesus also gave up being in heaven in the presence of the Father in order to save us.  Jesus invested in people, and built relationships with them in order for them to follow Him.  Did Jesus do too much?  He could have easily said the cross was too much for humanity, but instead He allowed Himself to be nailed to the tree in order for believers to obtain the forgiveness of sin.

Next time you think it is too much, think about how much your Savior gave up for you.


This is post is part of the daily challenge.


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