You Are the Turkey Burger!


Everyone has been called a turkey in at least one point in their lives.  Well maybe not everybody.  I honestly don’t think I have ever been called a turkey before.  I have been called several other things, positive and negative, but I don’t think a turkey is one of them.  I most certainly haven’t ever been called a turkey burger before.  Tonight I am going to do something I have never done before on this blog, I am going to call you, the reader, a name.

You are a turkey burger!

I am sure the first thing you are thinking is, “should I be insulted or complimented.”  Let me explain the process about how a pack of ground turkey becomes a burger in my house.  I start will a pack of ground turkey, spinach, Worcestershire sauce, and provolone cheese.  I cook the spinach, then mix it, the sauce, and the ground turkey together.  It does not look good at all before


you start to cook it.  In fact, it looks really gross.  (Side note: I debated about if I should post this picture, but what gets the brain moving better than a picture of raw turkey.)  After I mix everything together, I make it into patties, and pan fry it (You have to pan fry it.  I am sure it would better on the grill, but you would have to use a pan on the grill.  They fall apart easily).   It does not take too long to cook, and then you place the burger on a patty with a slice of provolone cheese, topped with mushrooms, with Dijon mustard on a whole wheat bun.

Imagine what happens to this meat as it being prepared to be consumed.  You first basically pound spinach into it, while mixing it with sauce.  Then you throw it into a 350 degree pan, and then top it with everything else.  When God is preparing us for the place He wants us to be; it can be an uneasy process.  There are hard times with tough experiences, and the heat of the fire that prepares us for His will.  Too often we think the preparation should be easy, but often God adds the challenge in order to prepare us for what lies ahead.

I think about my own life, and how my experiences prepared me for where I am now.  When I finished my Masters of Divinity, I had many doors closed in my face.  Our church shut down, I lost time at work, and I was rejected by several churches.  I remember at one point, I was getting at least on rejection letter or email once a week for several weeks.  I eventually gave up looking for a church position.  I think that rejection opened me up to consider teaching elementary school.  If I had not gone through the fire of those things, I might not have accepted the called God had set out for me.  I think working in banking prepared me for the high pressure job of being a classroom teacher (being a teacher is way more difficult than working in branch), and having retail experience taught me how to deal with people.  I don’t mind talking to parents, and I strive to speak to them at their level (not teacherese).  Studying ministry prepared me for knowing how to deal with children who have needs outside the classroom that hinder their learning (being homeless, broken homes).

Needless to say I would not change the path God set out for me, and I will strive to accept the fact that I am a turkey burger.  It took me years of prayer and reflection to accept the path God sent me on, but looking back, when it seemed like I burning in the pan, God was molding me into the man I am today.

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. – Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)


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