First Seen, but Not Spoken


This morning I decided to start my day off by heading to the gym.  I took the kids with me, so they could hang out in the playroom.  Typically my mornings are filled with me speaking to several adults and students, but this Saturday I really didn’t speak to that many people outside of my house.  Usually when I am at the gym, I put my headphones on and just go for it.  I set the treadmill up, and focus on my run.  Occasionally I will look up at the TV in front of me.  Today they were showing SportsCenter, and I was tired of seeing the constant replays of every Tom Brady/Peyton Manning game from the last ten years.  I focused on my thoughts, and on trying not to fall of the treadmill.

For me the gym is not a social spot for me.  I am the quiet person with the loud headphones focusing on what I need to do.  I prefer to be left alone, and be allowed to focus on my workout.  I tried to demonstrate that with my picture.  I took the color out from everything other than the display on the treadmill.   The fun part of taking this picture was trying to have people see me take the picture.  I keep thinking to myself, “I hope no one sees me, and thinks that I am a creep.”  Everything I do while I am at the gym is to make sure I do not disturb anyone, and I personally do not want to be disturbed as well.

I think we all need a spot like that.  Everyone needs those moments in their life just to get away for one brief moment, and focus on the internal.  Often my best thoughts and ideas come out from when I get away.  Too often, we move too much and never slow down.  I don’t mean stop because I am moving kind of quick on the treadmill, but I mean slow down without focusing on all the pressures on life.  Often people tell you that this time does not have to be productive, but my time is productive.  I am focusing on my health by exercising.

So for me, the first people I saw today were lucky in the fact that we all were able to focus on our workouts.

This is part of the daily challenge.



4 thoughts on “First Seen, but Not Spoken

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