Like Somebody Is Watching


Before the first of the year, my family and I went to see movie Frozen.  My kids enjoyed it, and my daughter became obsessed with the music.  Naturally I bought the music for her to listen to, and all the time she is asking me to play the “Frozen” song.  As I was playing it for her while cooking dinner tonight, she asked me to come into the living room, and watch her dance.  I told her it would be a minute because I was in the middle of something.  She said she wouldn’t start dancing until I came into the room.  At that moment, I knew I had to hurry because I wanted her to dance.  When I walked in she light up, and immediately began her famous twirling.  She grabbed her pink bear, and spun all around the living room.  Some socks came out of the basket and twirled with her.

She would not start dancing until I came into the room to watch.  Often we hear the phrase, dance like no one is watching.  While it is true that we do not need to care about what others think of us, but we do need to act as if someone is watching.  God is always watching.

While it is true that God loves us no matter what we do, but don’t you love God?  When we are seeking approval from someone, we always do our best to have them see our best.  Why don’t we treat our God like that?  We know He is watching, but do we care that He is watching?  It is true that without Christ we would not be able to see God, but if we truly love God, don’t we want Him to see us at our best?  One of my goals for the new year is to make sure I am honoring God in all things because I want Him to watch.

“If you love me (Jesus), obey my commandments.”  – John 14:15


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