Over and Over and Over and Over Again


This is going to be one of my most exciting posts yet.  This is actually one of my first posts with a video in it.  This is the most exciting image I have ever photographed before in my life.  When I took the picture, my phone almost exploded from all the excitement.  Some of you might already know what this is a picture of, and others of you might not be too sure.  This is the photocopier on my floor at work.  Check out the video the below to see what the excitement is all about.

Come on, have you ever seen anything more exciting in your entire life.  What can be more thrilling than watching a photocopier make about a hundred handouts for students to use during the week.  It just keeps copying over and over again.  Every once and a while it will staple something.  This is the most boring thing I do.  I try to have an assist do it for me from time to time, but I did not have everything ready before the end of last week.

As I watched this thing this morning, I was wondering if the bar would go to a different place, and even the paper slide out of a new location.  As I wished for the things to happen, nothing changed.  The only thing different that occurred was the unavoidable paper jam.  Life is like that sometimes.  We want things to change, but we are unwilling to do what it takes for things to be different.  When things do change, it is usually for the worst.

If you want different parts of your life to improve, you have to take positive steps in your life to do so.  If you want a better marriage, spend more time with your spouse and seek advice from others.  If you want to be better at your job, work hard and study more about the work you do.  Choose an area of advancement you want to focus on.  See what it takes to get that better job, and work for it.  If you want your kids to notice you more, spend more time with them.  Quality time is not you playing on your cell phone, and occasionally looking up and seeing them play.  Want your relationship with God to be stronger, pray and read the Bible more.  Want to take it even further, go and become active in church.

We complain about how our lives are like copier machines, just doing the same thing over and over again with nothing changing.  We need to take the junk out of our lives that is holding us back.  The reason why David prayed Psalm 51 was that he knew he had sin in his life holding him back from God.  He knew that if he dealt with his sin; his relationship with God would be stronger.  The first step to wanting change is by asking God to change you.  Then seek out ways in your life to become a better person.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. – Psalm 51:10-12 ESV


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