What Would You Give Up


There is one part of my morning that is always consistent.  There are some days I do not shower, forget breakfast, go to work, or even check Facebook.  However, the one constant in all my morning is my coffee.  Of course I can’t just make any coffee, I have get premium whole bean, freshly ground the morning of.   In order to start my day off right, I need my morning coffee.  I can remember mornings where I did not have access to coffee.  One time we had to stay at a friends house because out heat went out in the middle of a blizzard, and they did not drink coffee.  Worst part is, our car was stuck, and I couldn’t drive to get coffee.  Worst two days ever.

For me, the morning coffee is a difficult ritual to give up.  How often do we have to choose to give up things for either our own well being, the well being of others, or to strengthen our relationship with God?  Often times we know what we need to do, but because something feels good, or we can’t imagine our lives without it.  Think about that poisonous relationship that seems rewarding, but that person constantly drains you.  The high paying job that keeps you away from your family, but the money is too good to give up.  A bad habit or addiction, destroying the relationship with your family.  Is there a habit you need to add to your life, exercise, prayer, reading a book.  Often times adding these things, means we need to replace them with something else.

While the mug is humorous, how often are we serious?  How often do we tell God, I will try it for a day, but if I don’t like it, it’s over.   Ask yourself, is there something you need to give up in order to strengthen your relationship with God.  Is there something you need to give up to be a better parent, child, or grandchild to someone in your life?

Take the time to pray about.  Ask God is there something you can give up to bring yourself closer to him.



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