Check Yourself

IMG_20140106_181046_828As a teacher I am a fan of giving pop quizzes.  I know some of you who are not in education have a disdain for the pop quiz, but as a I teacher I think they are the most exciting things ever.  The look on their faces when they realize that you are preparing to give them a quiz is priceless.  Now some students are excited when they get the quiz because they know all the content associated with it.  Then there are those who have not been studying.  If I took a picture of the shock on there faces, it would win a Pulitzer Prize or something like that.

Typically, I give pop quizzes over two things, random reading passages or multiplication facts.  The last one I gave was the day they returned from Christmas break.  I gave them a quiz with facts up to 12.  I wanted to see what they remembered from the holiday.  Some did very well, and other were reminded of their need to study more.  The picture I posted above is from a young man who decided to check his quiz because he finished early.  It’s funny because I have to say something to him all the time about how he needs to take his time and check his answers.  By evidence of the paper above, he started to get the point.  You can see for yourself if he checked the answers correct or not.

How often do we check ourselves after we finish something?  I know that I remind my students on a daily basis to check their work, and to make sure they are proud of what they submitted.  I try to do my best, and check what I post on my blog before I do so.  I try to read over an email that I send my peers, boss, or parents to make sure it makes since, and the grammar is correct.

In our relationship with others, we need to check ourselves.  I am bad at keeping up with people I do not see on a daily basis.  Sometimes I have to check myself to remember to keep up with them (and liking a status on Facebook doesn’t count).  I also have to make sure that when I talk to others, that I do not allow the conversation to center around myself (don’t judge, you do it to).  A huge area for me the last year has been making sure I use my time wisely.  I need to stay focused at work, and make sure that I have time for my family at home.

As Christians, we constantly have to be examining ourselves to make sure we are growing closer to God.  Sometimes it might not be obvious where we are messing up, and we have to ask God to show us how to make our lives better.  It might be changing some bad habits, or something simple like reading your Bible more.   We have to constantly check ourselves to ensure we are growing in Christ.

Put me on trial, LORD, and cross-examine me. Test my motives and my heart. – Psalm 26:2


This post is part of the daily challenge.


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