Love the Look


It has been almost two years since we moved from Kentucky.  Typically, we would have a snow event every year.  I actually took it for granted.   In Charlotte, it rarely, if ever snows.  Lat year we had a little ice storm.  Last night, we did get a “grand event.”   It was grand enough to end school early, and cancel school for today.  The best part of the snow is looking at how it makes everything more beautiful.  It changes the entire landscape, and changes my normal looking street into a thing of beauty.

While I was taking the trash out last night, I decided to take some pictures of the snow.  I thought after I shared them, I would get some likes and compliments on  it.  Instead here are the comments I received:

  • “Nice trash can”
  • “That manhole cover really brings out he beauty in snow.”

So in response I used photoshop, and I took out the manhole cover.  I am still working on the trashcan to get ride of it.  Below is the original picture.


Here is the after:


I am still working on trying to get the trash can out of the picture, but I think it makes a nice touch.  It gives you that since of this is a real road.

How often do we try to photoshop the details of who we are before God?  When we pray, do we pray the truth, or do we pray who we really are before Him?  If you read the Psalms you will see real people going before a real God.  They always respected God when they came before Him, but they were always honest about their problems and frustrations.  They would complain about evil men seeming to triumph.  They would complain about how they are suffering because of others.  Some would would be honest to the point to where it felt like God was far away from them.  The majority of the book of Job is Job’s three friends telling him that his sin caused his suffering.  The night Jesus was killed, I asked God if there was any other way to redeem mankind.

With all the examples of godly men in the Bible being honest before God, what is your excuse?  He loves us for our success and our failures.  We do not need to photoshop ourselves before God, He can see through all of the editing.


This is part of the daily challenge.



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