Summer Photos I Didn’t Post Part Three

As I continue  to look at the old hard drive to see what photo’s I forgot to share with the world, I found these gems from when I got the kids lost in the woods.  I tried not to let my despair of being lost with theme hinder me from taking some good shots.  I hope these portray the moment with you just a little bit. – Enjoy!


The worst part about being lost on this trail was all the hills.  At one point I thought we were going up hill in both directions.


Random tree fungus I found on the path.  I thought it looked pretty cool, and I knew if we were in the woods much longer we were going to have to eat this stuff.


Pretty cool looking stump we found on the trail.  The kids were amazed at all the holes inside of it.

I remember seeing this bridge as we finally figured out how to find the car, and I wanted to do a cartwheel.  However, I was too tired from all the walking to do so.

My boy is leading the way at this point (or at least he thinks he is)!


My son is giving my daughter a Science lesson about mushrooms.  I think he was telling her that we shouldn’t eat them.


A view of the lake from the trail we were lost on.


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