Thoughts from the Circus Part 1: Would You Get in That Cage


Last week, the family and I went to the circus.  It was a blast.  While I was there I took some photo’s of the experience, and I wanted to share these with you.

The picture above is the tiger tamer.  This guys gets into a cage with ten 500 pound tigers.  This is something I would never dream of doing.  Who would want to get into a cage with ten animals who could easily overpower you?  It’s not like it would take five or six tigers to kills you.  It only takes one.  If the handler messes up with one tiger, then it’s over.  It takes years of training for the tigers and trainer in order to be ready for a show like this.  The trainer has to make sure the tigers focus on him in sea of noise, while wanting the crowd loud and excited.  Every part of the performance from getting the tigers in the cage to getting them out of cage has to be done perfectly, or there could be a lose of life.


Getting ready for a performance like this takes years, just like the calling God has for your life.  You are not ready for your calling in one day.  It takes years of refining to prepare you for the task God has set out for you.  Every life experience is an opportunity to be ready for the call He has for your life.  I think of the my current role as a elementary teacher, and I look at how it took ten years to prepare me for this role.  When I graduated high school, I thought that God had called me to work with adults.  I pursued that goal throughout my time in college.  When I arrived to study for Masters of Divinity, I realized that I liked working with teenagers.  Then I started to lead children’s church on Sunday, and later God lead me to teaching.  I would have never thought that God wanted me to work with children until He had me go through those experiences.  Once I did, it was only a matter of time that the door opened for me to be a classroom teacher (to read more about this part of my spiritual journey, read “When You Are Told No!”).



People tell me all the time they could not do what I do.  I simple tell them that I have been preparing for this moment for my entire life.  I see being a teacher as a great opportunity for me to reach children.   God prepares us for the cage, we just have to be willing to step inside of it.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28 ESV


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