Summer Photos I Didn’t Post Part Four


Last summer, I was looking for a free place I could take the kids.  I found Reed’s Gold Mine, which was not too far from Charlotte.  It was fun, and here are some images from the memories.DSCF1792

This is the first thing we saw as we were heading towards the gold mine.  If it wasn’t for the sign, I would have had no idea what to call this thing.


This is the first picture I took of the kids.  The reason why my daughter looks a little grumpy is because she just woke up, and I made her walk fifteen feet.  She was not interested in taking a picture.

DSCF1793While the ore cart had a sign, this thing didn’t.  I still have not clue what this thing is.


This is a wall filled with all the random things they found around the mine.   I never knew trash would have so much significance.


My son was telling her what this thing is.  I don’t remember what he said, but I know it wasn’t even close.


If it wasn’t for child labor laws, I would put her to work inside a gold mine.  Just kidding!





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