Thoughts from the Circus Part 2: It’s All In the Timing


Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you where you felt like you falling down, being bounced around, and you could not get your footing back up on solid ground?  Well I bet these guys at the circus feel the same way.  This was a cool performance I saw the other night.  These guys would fall, bounce, walk on the wall, and land in sync with each other and the music.  It took incredible timing to not only do this right, but all to keep the audience engaged as well.



I know there have been times where it felt like I could not land on solid ground.  My first year as a teacher was defiantly a chaotic one.  No matter how hard I prepared a lesson, and tried to keep some students engaged, it would not work.  Every time I was evaluated, I was knocked down and told that I needed to do more.  Do more of what, no one could tell the answer to that.  Finally, around March of last year, I got it together was able to have a successful rest of the year.  There was many of times, I was bouncing around and trying to grab hold of something.



In order for the bouncers at the circus to go higher, it took support from all of them to make it happen.  When things are bouncing around in our lives, we need to seek the support of others.  We won’t stop bouncing, but they will help us manage the bounce better.  God puts people in our lives to help us bounce back.  Moses found this out when he was trying to deal with all of the people of Israels problems in Exodus 18.  Moses father-in-law Jethro saw this, and knew it was a problem.  He told Moses that he needed to appoint people under him to help him judge the nation of Israel.  Moses took his advice, and set up a group of men to help him judge the people.  Moses would handle the more important or difficult disputes, and the judges would handle all minor issues.  After that, Moses meet God on Mount Sinai.  This encounter with God would not have happened unless Moses leaned on other people for support.  We can not have out best times with God, unless we are with a community of people who are there to help us in the bounce.



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