Thoughts From the Circus Part 3: Finish Well


I remember when I was playing basketball back in middle school; whenever we would do a drill, the coach on the last one would say, “last one, make it good.”  Those words have been in my head ever since.  I never truly understood what he meant until I graduated college.  There are two impressions you make one people, the first and the last.  Often the first impression is the one that overshadows your relationship with someone.  However, there are times in when relationships with people end and change.  This often happens when you move, change jobs, or finish a project.  You might not lose contact with these individuals, but the dynamics of how you work with them, and see them have changed.


The grand finale is often the most anticipated part either a movie, a TV show, a live performance, and a fireworks show.  At the circus, every performer is out on stage during the finale.  They are preforming various stunts in final act in order to wow the audience on last time.  It is a moment filled with excitement and high energy.  The goal is make sure you leave the circus with a high opinion of it.  Think about movies with great endings.  The Avengers ended with the huge battle in New York with one of the main characters hurling a nuclear missile through a space portal.  Terminator 2 has the villain blasted with a grenade launcher (You might noticed a love a good action movie).  When thinking about shows ending poorly, I always think about Seinfeld.  It has been one of my favorite shows since it was on TV, but the series finale was terrible.  When you think about the Denver Broncos, what comes to mind.  Super Bowl loser, not AFC championship winner.  It is all about how you finish.


Often first encounters are sometimes out of our control, but how we finish is often within our control.  I cannot count the number of times I have seen someone leave a job, and make sure they get their revenge on their soon to be former employer or co-worker.  I worked with a girl last year who left the school I am at, and she made sure we knew how she felt.  She packed up her room, and did not speak to a single person when she left.  How is she remembered you ask?  Most think poorly of her.

Often how we finish is what defines us.  When the Apostle Paul was at the end of his life, the one goal he had was to finish well.  In 2 Timothy, he advised him to do the same.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.  II Timothy 4:7

This should be the goal on how we end every season of our life.  It could be the last one, so make it good.

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