Snow Pic Fun 2014

The snowpocalypse or snowmageddon has come and gone.  I haven’t been at work since Tuesday, and I will not return until Monday.  It has been a week filled with cabin fever and family fun.  I tried to make the most of it by cooking good food, and watching Netflix.  Here are some pictures I took around my.  Hope you enjoy.


This is a view from my classroom when the snow first started to fall.  I was the mean teacher who only opened the blinds at recess in order to keep students focused on learning.  I am just mean old Mr. Griffin.

IMG_20140213_130857_124greenThis is the menacing looking bush in our front yard.  This thing can be deadly if you fall on top of it.

A close up of the mean bush.  The snow is trying it hardest to bring it down.


A close up view of the icicle hanging on my gutters.  IMG_20140213_131040_211

If you look closely you will notice a huge broken limb hanging on another limb. That thing has been hanging on since last November.


If you look close, you can see the snow melting.  The snowmageddon is coming to an end.

Check out the rest below.

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