Summer Pics I Didn’t Post: Part 5

Here are a few more pictures I took over the summer.  Posting these has reminded me of the warm weather I wish would come back to the deep south.  These were from Reed’s Gold Mine outside of Charlotte.  Enjoy.

DSCF1807lightOf course my son would lead the way into a dark mine, and she follows him blindly in there.  I had a little fun with photoshop on this one.  I added a black and white tint and played with the lighting.

DSCF1801This is just another example of the random junk they have laying around.  The more I toured this place, the more I felt like was on an episode of American Pickers.

DSCF1805I asked her to stop and take a picture.  Here response is to take off running.

DSCF1804He is just checking out nature.  His words of course.

DSCF1803The nature he is checking out.


My best guess is, this thing a double horse trough, or an odd canoe.


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