Isaiah 40:31

Isaiah40.31 It is amazing how we come back to certain Scriptures again and again.  I was reading an encouraging devotional from the Bible app, and I read Isaiah 40:31.  This is going to be one of my focus verses during the school year. As a elementary school teacher there are many weary moments that happen during the school year.  From all of the required paper work I have to do to the constant meetings with the focus of being better, but little time to implement any improvements.  It would be nice if he only thing that made me weary was the students, but there are moments when I have advocate for their learning and success. There are many moments where it feels like I am out of strength, from staying up all hours of the night to having to start early the next day.  From having to work 50 plus hours a week, and still having to ensure that my family gets the time with me they deserve.  It can make one feel weak. There will be moments where it will feel like I am not flying high, and the weight of all of the pressure is bringing me down.  However, in the end, The Lord is my strength and He will sustain me. As Christians the reason why we memorize Scripture is for us to be able to refer to it when we need it.  It’s like a carpenter having tools in his belt.  He has the tools he needs for any situation.  As followers of Jesus we need tools in our belt for any situation.


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