It seems like the last few days have been on thing after another.  Every time something happens I ask myself when is it going to get better.  Just the other day I put my dry erase marker inside my water bottle (truth be told, that is no where close to the worst thing that happened to me last week).  I asked myself this again today.  I waiting for things to improve, but instead it did not work out like I planned it too.  From having to miss half of worship to just being careless around the house with my actions and words; I wanted a rewind button with a chance to do it all again.

I wondered how I could at least salvage this day into something positive.  So I decided to to read.  I bought Beth Moore’s book Believing God a few weeks ago at a half priced book store.  One thing that has been missing form life in the last few months has been reading.  My job as a teacher usually consumes most of my free time, and what free time I have left usually involves things with the family.  I determined to turn this day into a positive by making a cup of hot tea and firing up the old reading lamp.

As I was reading God gave me this thought,

Often times God will deny the external change we want in order to obtain the internal change we need.

As a new week starts tomorrow, I am going to work on letting go those external things I want changed.  While I still want God to intervene in those situations; I am going to focus on the one thing I can work on, me.  I am going to seek out through prayer ways I can make situations better, and how God can use me as a change agent.  Sometimes to turn the day around you simple have to turn to Him.


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