Restoration in Failure

I write often about how life is a journey.  It’s never just point a and point b, but it is how we get from point a to point b.  The thing about a journey is it is easy to make the wrong turn, get lost, or completely be turned around and not even realize it.

I remember when my wife and I took a trip a few years ago to visit some family in mountains.  This was back in the day before we had cell phones with GPS built in.  We had a set of directions printed off of mapquest.  While we were driving through Knoxville, TN we ran into a lot of road construction.  As we were driving the printed out directions said, “road closed, find a different route.”  So we keep going down this highway, and noticed the road was closed because the bridge was down.  We got off the interstate, and had to ask for directions.  We finally got back on the right track after about an 1 hour long detour.

Life is just like that.  While we are on the journey we get turned around, or a random detour comes up and delays us from our destination.  Sometimes the detours just happen, but there are those moments where we cause the detour.  Just like the trip through Knoxville, I would have been prepared if I had read the directions before we left on the trip.

The people of Israel are a classic example of a group who were often detoured because of their own choices.  After the spies in Numbers 14 gave a report about the land; many thought they could not take it.  God decided that since they did not trust in Him to deliver the land to them it would take an entire generation worth of time to reach the promised land.  Even though the people had sinned, He still allowed them to go into the promised land.  He could have destroyed all of them, and then started over.  John Calvin explains why He didn’t by saying, “The Israelites had perfidiously apostatized from the true religion; but they were still apart of the Church.”  In other words, they were still God’s chosen people despite the choices they had made.

The same truth applies to us.  Even though we move away from the path and journey God has set before us; He still loves us.

I John 1:9 – If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The key to forgiveness is confession.  Even when we fail, God still restores us.  We might be detoured in our journey, but we still get on the right track.

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